From Under The Hill
By: And Also the Trees
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New Trees Discovery for Me. This One

I had no idea this release existed until I saw it here. As a life long fan, I'm surprised to miss one. "Their second demo tape, From Under the Hill (1982), was partly co-produced by Robert Smith and Mike Hedges." Of course, in seconds, I found the stream of the album on you tube:
Which undobutedly is cool. Many of the songs from their first album you can hear here in the primordial state. I can't help though but feel a bit sorry for the current generation who never will understand the excitement of coming across a mention of "mysto early release" in a mag or from a colleague and then years later the excitement of listening for the first time when by luck or diligence you tracked it down. At the same time, the average interested listener today prob finds and follows more sources than the musicolgist PHD had access to in the 70's. Oh well. I'm sure there were big time music fans from the 1800's who had same thought of the young kids purchasing phonographs.
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