Grateful Dead
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Original Band Truck for Sale

Owsley "Bear" Stanley, the Grateful Dead's "cook" and influential 1960s counterculture icon, died in 2011, but someone just unearthed his 1949 Studebaker truck and is selling it on eBay right now. The truck was used to help the Dead move their gear and also to transport sound equipment to Ken Kesey's 1966 Acid Test in Watts. The truck doesn't run but its original psychedelic paint job is still in tact. It's unclear if anyone feels the desire to drop $10,000 on an old truck and tow it back to their house for the sake of honoring a dead drug manufacturer, since no one has bid on the truck yet—but people are paying the same amount to watch Trey Anastasio fill in for Jerry Garcia at the Dead's final shows this summer, so we'll see.