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The Greatest band to ever live!!

Hello everyone !! I'm going to talk about my favorite band on the planet !! PHISH!!! Not only does phish make me happy, but they helped shape my life. There's nothing like being at a phish show. I've been going to see them since 1996 at deer creek. And FINALLY last year in Cuyahoga falls and alpine I got my pit tickets !!! They were the 2 best nights of my life!!! With alpine night 2 being the best!! Also saw them first row this year at opener in St. Paul and 5th row night 2 wrigley ! All I listen to in my car is phish ! Why listen to anything but the best live band ever right??? Also , this year has had bad luck. My boyfriend of 8 years just got diagnosed with congestive heart failure and is on transplant list and is only 30. Also other problems with driving -which mostly come from going to see phish ironically. But the last festival I went to was Big Cryprus. So I would love to go to lockin this year . But can't afford it with hospital bills and fines etc. would be going with my 3 friends from high school that got me into phish. So it would be full circle . Thanks for reading and the chance to win. Much love to you all and remember to always SHARE IN THE GROOVE!!!
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Cuyahoga falls & Alpine were so much fun last year! Vibes to you and your bf.

Thanks for sharing your great Phish stories! Best wishes and healing vibes to your boyfriend.