Melissa Etheridge, Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo
Chastain Park Amphitheater - Atlanta, GA
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Was a nasty thunderstorm that came through as the doors opened, with thunder crashing all around us. They had all the stage equipment covered and the crowd that was there huddled under what little covering there was. Finally @ 8:20 Melissa came on and did a thundering 65 minute set, with all the enthusiasm of a beautiful sunny summer day. She had a three piece band that was producing some powerful sounds. After a 20 minute set break, Pat Benatar came on and did a 75 minute set, right up to the 11 o clock curfew. She included her slew of hits from the early days as well as a Johnny Cash cover of Ring of Fire during the encore. Her set was good but Melissa was the star of the night, to bad her set was cut short with the rain and thunder and lightning
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This is one of my favorite places! Do they still let you bring in wine?

Yes, you can bring wine, beer, water, your own food, tables, umbrellas, almost anything. Great venue