Picture?width=180&height=180 fan-52557586 Hopefully My 1st!

Hopefully My 1st!

Ok I'm a 34 year old woman who's been going to concerts since I was a baby with my family. I, on my own have been seeing shows since the mid to late 90's, Phish & The Dead being my favorites. In 04' I went to bonnaroo and instead of running around with my small notebook in tow writing down set lists, I was writing down the different bands I got to see! From Primus to Yonder Mountain! Headlining that year was The Dead , Dave Matthews and Trey conducting an orchestra for the first time! I've been wanting so badly to attend another big festival and every year I'm working or something is going on! All of my friends attend almost yearly and hopefully with the contest I too will be lucky enough to make it this year!!!! Thank you! ✌🏼️&❤️💙
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Very cool. Seem like you have some great old shows/festivals to add your concert history!

04 Roo was a good one!