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I Want To Help Make Lockn' Memorable For As Many As Possible

The past few months has lit a fire in me to help as many people as possible. Why... & How...
WHY WOULD I DO THAT?... Well, 2016 has not been a good year for my family. My father fell and broke his hip and shoulder and has been in the hospital since January. He was then diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimers and now has been moved to the nursing home wing of the hospital. It all happened so fast and it has been really tough on my mother. I have been traveling between my home in Colorado and New York where my parents live to help and support them as much as possible. The generosity of others has lit a fire in me to help others in return. I was lucky enough to get to work/volunteer at Mysteryland 2016 after writing to them and explaining the situation I am in here helping my parents. That was the catalyst that sparked the fire in me to help others. Working that festival was the best experience I have ever had at a festival. It was so rewarding to be a part of helping the attendees have a great and memorable experience. The generosity continued just last week when I fellow Redditor paid it forward with tickets to Phish in Syracuse just so I could bring my mom to her 1st show so that she could just get away even for a couple hours. We had just gotten back from NJ where her mother was rushed to the hospital not breathing and had to have surgery to have a pace maker put in. That was 4th of July weekend. Memorial Day weekend was a trip to NJ because her father was diagnosed with leukemia and we had to discuss his options. I love my mom and what she is going through is unbelievable at times.
HOW WOULD I DO THAT?... Doing something for someone else, even the smallest thing, can end up being hugely significant to them and can impact there life in ways we may never know. Putting a smile on someones face, making them happy, breeds a contagious reaction that can change everyone around them - including yourself. Simple things like sharing some water during the show or buying a few cases and just handing them out. Helping a crew carry their camping gear from the lot to the campground. Letting someone cut in front of you in line. Offering to take photos of a crew so that all of them are in the picture. Buying an extra drink or food item to share with someone. Bringing extra essentials like mini toothpastes etc to share with camp neighbors. Taking care of someone or helping them if they are lost or looking for friends. These are just a few ways I thought I could go and help - I'm sure I will think of others too.
Anything, big or small, can go a long way in helping another person and making the whole Lockn' experience memorable and great for them. Seeing someone happy makes me happy! Being able to do these things for others is something I have always wanted to do - I hope that winning these tickets will allow me the opportunity to do so. Thanks!!
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Vibes to you and your family!

You sure are a kind person. Love and healing vibes to you and your family!

If only everyone was as helpful as you are

sometimes is just takes a little boost from someone to show others.
kind of like a domino effect. :))