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Surprised My Friends

I've only been to Lockn' once, not because I didn't know better but because my work prevented me from attending in years past. In 2014 I was able to get time off last minute and drive up to Arrington, VA that Thursday afternoon. My best friend knew I was coming up, but we decided to surprise the rest of our friends once I showed up. The three hour drive was scenic and pensive as I drove my 1986 Buick Le Sabre through the mountains of NC and VA. I specifically remember a light late summer shower as I passed the Virginia border towards Lockn'. After checking in and parking my car, I could see my friend and his girlfriend on the horizon walking in my direction to greet me. Once she realized it was me that she had walked from their campsite to see, she came running to hug me. "Oh my gosh, I can't believe you are here! No one thought you could make it!" We laughed as they showed me around the concert grounds and campsites. I loved what I had driven all this way for: gorgeous farmland with rolling hills converted into a loving environment for music, art, biking, and fellowship. We entered the concert grounds and quickly found the rest of our friends. The expression on my younger brother's face was priceless as he realized that I was actually there. All my friends were excited and in awe that I had managed to surprise them, which led to a series of hugs and exclamations. That evening I was able to see The String Cheese Incident and Umphrey's McGee play fluidly, passing the torch as each set melted into the next. Sunday night was just as memorable as we witnessed one of the last performances from The Allman Brothers Band. I lovingly remember this festival and want to return! Phish is my favorite band and being able to see my friends again at this awesome festival would mean so much to me. Not only do I love Phish, but I really enjoy Vulfpeck, Twiddle, JRAD, My Morning Jacket, Phil and Friends, and Ween!
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Surprises are the best! That year at Lockn' was a great one.

best surprise ever!

Hi @Moricle . We would love to share your story with our social community, if it is ok with you.

Go for it! I'm happy to share my experience. Let me know where you share it!