Picture?width=180&height=180 Agronwaldt We do it all for music!

We do it all for music!

I've been to my share fair of music festivals and Lockn is in the top three. It's amazing there, it brings people together it's one festival that I can guarantee that I can show up at and find family all over the place. A good majority of festivals I go to I work at because I like helping support the festivals, help making them happen and giving a little back to the places that have give me so much. I have worked Lockn the past two years and loved it. The music was amazing and I people I've meet from working I hold close to my heart. Those ground have given me so much and I'm so grateful. So I'll be there is year enjoying life on the farm whether I win this (which would be amazing) or working. But either way Lockn has my heart.
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Thanks for being part of the Lockn family! We do it all for music too.

It's a special place for sure