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Lockn' 2015

So as of last year, I was new to the festival scene. My first big music festival was Bonnaroo 2015, and it was such an awesome experience. My second big festival was Lockn' 2015. Lockn' honestly changed my life. The people, the love, the energy you feel is just unreal. As of today, I've been to about 7 festivals and Lockn' last year still stands out more than any of the others. I was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN and I feel like I honestly found myself and who I was in Arrington, Virginia last year. There were so many incredible things that happened and every day I wish I could go back. Some of the memories I love to look back on is last year we were watching Eoto and Mickey Hart in the woods. I had such an amazing time and I didnt want to leave the woods, but my boyfriend, Justin insisted we needed to leave in order to catch Umphrey's McGee. Little did I know that would be one of the best sets I would ever see! My favorite part of their set was when they sang "Bring on the Rain" for an encore song, and as soon as they hit the chorus, it started pouring down rain. I never felt more connected to the earth then I did that night. After we were soaking wet, we headed back to the camp, and we had a really awesome setup so we were almost the only camp that was dry! So many people passed by and hung out with us to stay dry and it was just amazing to have a connection with so many new people. My boyfriend and I would do anything to win these two tickets to have another life changing experience. Thank you, Lockn' for making me who I am today.
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I'm so lucky to call you & Justin my close friends! so thankful y'all took me to my 1st festival that changed my life. I don't know 2 people more willing! I hope y'all win!!

Thank you dear, we love you 💜

Great story! Its always great when the music and weather sync up so magically.


good stuff! and your camp managed to stay dry? that is a serious win

Yes we had this huge carport canopy and somehow everything managed to stay dry! Everybody that walked past our camp in the rain would stop under our dry tent for shelter and to chill and hang out for a little! Such an awesome experience.