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We got funked up!!!!

On our second trip to lockn', 2014, my husband and I were at the late night stage watching Dumpstah Funk, just groovin, like melt your face off style!!! After the show ended I told my husband were going back stage!!!! I stood by the fence for a few moments, to which I was then told they wouldn't be coming to sign autographs....well I hung around for a few more minutes and I saw Ivan, and motioned for him to come to the fence. He walked over and I asked him to sign my funkadelic shirt I had on....after that I asked could I get everyone's autograph, and you guessed it!!!!! He took my husband and I backstage and we partied with them for a few hours!!!! It was awesome!!!!! We want to go back cause we've yet to miss it, and this years lineup is outrageous!!!!
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those guys are some friendly funksters!

nice work!