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Kevin Fecteau's Almost Lockn'

The band I'm most excited to see at Lockn' is Joe Russo's Almost Dead. They are an amazing Grateful Dead tribute band that takes the music to another level. They could be covering anyone or playing originals and still be just as phenomenal. I was going to see them at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY back in January, but unfortunately came down with a staph infection and ended up spending New Year's week in the hospital. So not only would this be my first JRAD show, but also my first Lockn' festival, my first trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the best music weekend of my life!
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Now that's a beautiful sky, glad you're feeling better!

Thanks, this was a picture I took from my room early one morning at Norwalk Hospital.

Glad you're doin' better! JRAD really is the best

Agreed, JRAD really is the best. I think their sets at Lockn '16 are going to be very memorable.....