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Phamily Reuinion!

I have travelled to many states with the specific agenda to reunite with my phish family and hear good music. Phish is my escape from reality, for a few hours I feel euphoric in the music and entangled in joy with my friends. I would most cherish the opportunity to win these tickets, so that I could finally reunite with my friend from Canada, who I met at my very first phish show, and have kept in touch with all this time. That night was a night I will never forget, it was Hartford 09 and the boys were back and better than ever, according to those who were so lucky to see Phish pre-hiatus. During the show I was able to mend a broken friendship with nothing more than a glance and a nod, for me there is something almost telepathic that occours between the band and the crowd that is like a healing undescribale bond. The end of the night was so somber like no other show I have ever been, everyone was so entranced it was borderline silent for a venue that holds upward of 20,000 people. We made our way back to our hotel and reminisced and recapped the night, three "noobs" were o-phishally hooked! We spent the next 2 summers meeting up at shows and making new friends together. At those shows some of us met the love's of our lives, others found the places they wanted to be, and mostly who they wanted to be. Through my ups and downs I can honestly say that Phish has forever impacted the course of my life and the person I am today, for me lockn' would be a vacation, a reunion, and a cleanse of the soul. I would give anything to see my people and to share love and music with eachother!
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the best friendships are always phriendships :-)

Hartford 09 was really a defining moment for so many. That was a special night indeed.

Thanks for reading my rambles :) I hope I make it to meet and make more friends!