Picture?width=180&height=180 paigemlee LOCKN'
Visions of Lockn!!!
I have never been to Lockn' but I have never wanted to go more than this year!! So since I have never been, I am going to tell you why I am so excited to go! Phish headlining is a different game, not only experience my first Summer 2016 show but experiencing it at Lockn where tons of my other favorite bands. I want to be at Umph front row getting my face melted, I want to be at Vulfpeck taking in everyone's faces when they realize how freaking amazing they are. I want to somehow, find my way behind front of house for My Morning Jacket, networking and makin friends! I want to be sweating my ass off waking up to a beautiful sunrise in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I want to see the hundreds of people I meet inspired just like I am thanks to music festivals. Rock on, Lock on.
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