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Best/worst ever

After a long week of work and school the time had finally came. It was the week of Lockn’ 2014. Eager to hurry and get the show on the road I rushed out the door of my internship, pre-packed, ready to meet up with all my friends to make the long drive through the night to Virginia. Once we were all ready to go we took off on high vibes, eager to spend the weekend surrounded with close friends and great music. Now, every year spent at Lockn’ is guaranteed to be amazing, however, this year was different. This year, my favorite band EVER was scheduled to play a late night set at the triangle stage! Tedeschi Trucks! This was probably the best news I've ever received. As the weekend progressed my excitement for this show grew immensely. I was getting to see my favorite band in a very intimate space. All of my friends are aware of my "slight" obsession with TTB and especially Derek and Susan so they knew my plan was to leave Phil Lesh and Friends early to make sure I reserved a close spot to the stage. When I finally made it from the main stage to the Triangle Stage, an hour before the show, I was excited that I had gotten a great spot in the front middle. I sat and waited for about an hour an half and then it started. Susan made her debut first and then followed Derek. There they sat with their acoustic guitars no more than 100 feet away from me. I could already feel my eyes tearing up as soon as Susan and Derek opened with "You Got the Silver". I cried happy tears throughout the show. Tedeschi Trucks has always held this crazy power over me, especially at their shows. Even writing this story makes me feel the way I did during that show. Once the show came to a close I decided to hang back while the crowd their way back to their campsites. After I was one of the only people left I saw an opportunity. The stage was very small and behind it to the left I could see Derek and Susan hanging out in a reserved area with the rest of the band. In an off chance I decided to slowly make my way closer to them in hopes of being able to meet them. When I got closer I was in ear shot of Susan so I asked her if she would mind taking a picture. What a dream that would be! Susan at first was hesitant as the band was wrapping up and heading out, but on my last attempt she ran over and we spoke briefly. I could NOT BELIEVE that I was finally meeting the person whose music could lift me up out the roughest times. After our brief talk about the show and my nerves still very high I asked for a picture, because everyone knows that it didn't happen unless you can prove it, right? Susan agreed. I put my arm around her and hers around mine preparing for this unforgettable and everlasting selfie I would get to treasure forever. I go to take the picture, and as soon as I can hit the capture button my phone dies. DIES. Right there with Susan. She apologizes and says she's sorry but she has to go. Devastated, I give her a hug goodbye and head back to camp where all my friends were still up and hanging out. On the walk back I could not help but cry. My only chance of getting to capture this moment and my phone DIES. As I walk up to camp my friends asked where I had been and why I was upset. I told them what had happened and then went straight back to my tent and zipped it up for the night. I laid there happy I finally got to meet Susan but saddened that I hadn't gotten then opportunity to have a picture I know I would forever treasure. That was the best/worst experience and till this day I will never forget it and my friends will never let me live it down. *side note* I did finally get the chance to meet them a month of so after Lockn' in Athens Georgia. This time my phone didn't die, but my tears were very much there :)
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Thanks for sharing your great story! Glad you were finally able to get that special moment <3

That late night set was a highlight for me too. Glad you finally got your pic!

Thanks everyone! Hoping to get there again this year! :)
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The picture is great!

I agree @mommy23

Thanks guys!!

OMG, so cool,. I love TTB too. They're both so talented. I love it when Susan plays leads too. She does BB King like no one else! I hope I can get to go

Great picture!

Hi @kait17 . We would love to share your story with our social community (with credit), if it is ok with you.

Hi! Of course, that's okay with me @LOCKNFest