Picture?width=180&height=180 nikkipearl Phil hittin the Pheelskies

Phil hittin the Pheelskies

Last year me (right in picture) and my two friends, Kelsey (middle) and Mina (left) decided to travel to Arrington, VA last minute so we could see Phil, Bob, Billy, Mickey and many many more artists at Lockn' festival. The trip was quite an adventure and looking back, we were three very unprepared, young girls traveling across the country without care or worry. It was one of the best weekends of my life and i'll admit we all cried a few times being in the presence of such respected and influential musicians. The three of us are from three different parts of the country including Denver, CO, Savannah, GA, and Johnson City, TN and luckily the universe brought us together for that magical weekend. We are back separated in our own lives again and all I want to do is be back at Lockn' with these two beautiful goons. Please bring us back together again for Lockn' 2016.
I also might be one of the greatest Phish fans of my generation yet I have only seen them once and that was at Bonnaroo in 2012. I have probably seen every full concert set on youtube and I could use a little live Phish groove in my life. So this post is really for you, Phish. My favorite band at my favorite festival. Please bring me to my second and third Phish show.
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Yess!! We need another magical weekend at Lockn'!

Sometimes last minute plans are the best =)


Did you know each other before the concert or did the concert allow you to meet?

we all knew each other and were friends before. But that was our first festival all together <3 and we were never the same haha