Picture?width=180&height=180 TheHashProject Lockn'd in for 2016 & you should be too!

Lockn'd in for 2016 & you should be too!

My Lockn' story is one of excitement, rain, sleep deprivation, and unforgettable moments of creation, connection and community. Everything about Lockn' was magical from the scenery of Virginia to the collaborations and my memories locked in (see what I did there?) the pictures that I shot over the weekend. My favorite shots are from when I got super close for The Doobie Incident, the first show after torrential rainfall and hurricane force winds the day before. It was a special show to kick off the festival and for a novice photographer I was pumped with my shots from the set. I really couldn't ask for more out of Lockn' as everyone I met was in high spirits despite the cancelled first day. Lockn' is beautiful; beauty in both scene and setting; not to mention meeting folks from all over the country, sharing stories as well as high hopes for the rest of the weekend gave me a sense of family. Aside from the photography at Lockn' by far my most memorable moment was during Phil Lesh & Santana. The moment arrived as Santana was in the middle of a tremendous solo (To this day I have yet to see a moment like this replicated) and the crowd was completely silent. I swear you could hear a pin drop as Santana went from a quiet, emotionally charged solo to shredding, in the best sense of the word within a matter of milliseconds it seemed. I, along with the rest of the audience were blown away by a display of such magnitude, solidifying to me why he is one the greats. From that moment on Saturday night I thought to myself, "I've seen it all; I can go home" that was until I saw Gov't Mule take a medley from The Doors to Rage Against The Machine I was convinced it may all be a dream, especially when my gopro camera (with lots of footage from trips with friends & other adventures) went missing... To this day I'm not sure if it was stolen or if it had fallen out of my backpack either way this was a devastating loss, not in a materialistic sense; yet in the memories captured on it. I had 6 pages (lots of footage on a micro sd card) which were lost to me. My saving grace is maybe the person who 'ground scored' my GoPro is using it, to it's fullest, right now for some epic adventure themselves, and without finding the GoPro at Lockn' they might not have the moment in 4k HD clarity. With the whole weekend a year behind me I can still firmly say Lockn' was a major highlight for me and my friends, despite what was forever left behind I'll always have the chance to go again, make new memories and take some more awesome photos that I hope can translate the experience of Lockn' to everyone. Thanks for reading my story, I wish you an amazing time at Lockn'! Should you chose to go you will not be disappointed...even if you drive 12 hrs both ways, stay awake for 48 straight hrs, and lose a piece of your heart in process your take away, the story you'll tell will most definitely start with... "Okay, you had to be there but..." Enjoy Lockn' 2016!
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Thanks for sharing! We'd love to see your pictures.

That's cool

Bummer about the go-pro, but your shots were great for sure! Good times indeed

Losing your go-pro sounds so bad but the rest of your experience seems great!