Picture?width=180&height=180 AaronT73 Where's my Birk's?

Where's my Birk's?

So me and my buddy, we'll call hime Pookie, are grooving & getting down at Bonnaroo 2004. It's been raining and we make it to the front of the stage where they had to lay down a whole bunch of sand to keep things from being just an absolute pig sty. About half way through the show Pookie looks down and says "Dude...where's my birkenstocks?". I'm like "I dunno man. What did you do with them?" Needless to say some dirty fucking hippie jacked my friends birks. I'm still tripping and we have to walk back to the car on rocks after show while my friend is constantly bitching and moaning about how his shoes got stole and how bad his feet were hurting have to walk barefoot. I'm a terrible friend....I laughed my ass off the whole way back. I mean I was tripping and it was fucking funny as hell. He didn't laugh that day but he does now. We're still looking for you dirty hippie! Pookie and friends!
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whatever you do, take care of your shoes