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I'd love with all of my heart to see Phil Lesh & Friends! I grew up in a household where my parents constantly played amazing music, including Phish, The Grateful Dead, etc. As a single (grateful) mama, I would love to pass on the experience to my daughter in hopes that it would be her most *memorable* time of her childhood! A chance to win would make up for all the good shows/festivals we've missed over the years due to working nonstop--but at the very least, it would be beyond words exciting for she and I. My only memory of LoCk'N, is missing it every single year. (Pricing, scheduling, work ,etc) but I've always heard about and seen my friends have the time of their lives there and I would love to be able to say we were a apart of the experience as well as finally visit Virginia! Thank you kindly for providing this platform and allowing our stories to be shared! <3 Love & Light & Forever Grateful! ~ AP
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Thank YOU for sharing!

Good Stuff

I brought my parents to see Phish a few years ago and it was one of the best memories I have. There's nothing better than sharing music with the ones you love.

Jaxilla ---you're absolutely right! There's nothing like it, I just hope I can pass it down to my daughter! <3