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The Grateful Dead and our Connection with LOVE and Music
My boyfriend and I are undoubtedly connected through the magic of music and our love of life. There is a great story that I need to share about a photograph that was taken at a Phil Lesh and Friends show at the Highland Bowl in Rochester, NY in 2008. My boyfriend and I didn't meet until January 2009. He had attended the Phil Lesh show with his mom, his sisters and his friends. My best friend's mom worked for one of the concert sponsors, Heron Hill Winery, who had given her 4 tickets to the show. My friend couldn't attend with me after one of her friends got into a motorcycle accident so she told me to pick up the tickets and go to the show. While I was at the my hometown show, I was bouncing around, stopping by different groups of friends and being social, as I like to do...I must have started dancing with a fun guy, as he looked like a good time. I think we danced for a song and I went on my way. The next year, after he and I had officially started dating, I was at his mom's house and no one was home. I was sitting at her computer looking at her screen-saver which was loaded with photos of her kids and their friends..tons of fun pics of awesome memories that I was viewing, bringing a big smile to my face. All of a sudden, on the computer screen was a photo of me at the Phil show! His mom must've tried to catch a pic of us dancing together (me a random stranger) but because we were moving quickly, his back was to the camera and I was caught dead-center! Low and behold, I was "in the picture" long before we even knew each other personally! It was a magical moment that we will cherish forever. I guess this sums up my love for Sean and my love for the Grateful Dead - who has brought us together in so many ways. I would love to see all of the bands at Lock'n in 2016 (it would be our first time attending) and to create new memories with the Love of My Life. Thanks for reading!
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it really is such a small world. great story!