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I found my future wife at Lockn 2014! (Sappy love tale inside)
I found my future wife at Lockn 2014! Yeah, yeah, yeah it's as sappy as it sounds. Well, I didn't exactly "find" her there, we went to the festival together as "friends" but we sealed the deal as something more at Lockn :) We had been "seeing" each other previously for quite some time but due to some petty drama we were on the rocks going into this festival. In fact, we decided that we were going to stop seeing each other afterwards all together but figured we'd have one last hurrah having already purchased the tickets. However, there was magic in the air on September 4th 2014. The String Cheese Incident was playing at the Oak Stage and they started to play "Sirens" and of course the cheesy yet wonderful chorus kicks in with "I just want to say I love you, make sure you feel it everyday, cause if today had been my last chance, It's just something I wanted to say!" Of course we were both diggin' it immensely and having such a wonderful time together. In the middle of the song I spontaneously grabbed her, apologized for my wrong doings, told her I wanted to stop "seeing" each other as friends and become far more than that. I told her I loved her and she felt the same way. A few years later and we're still together to this day seeing live music all over the country! We had a blast at Lockn 2015 (Jimmy Cliff/Widespread Panic favorite set) and are looking forward to Lockn 2016. However, we're moving into an apartment together at the end of July and really need to be saving our money. We're hoping to make Lockn 2016 but are unsure at the moment if we'll be able to afford it, so winning these tickets would really mean the world to us! We've already decided we'll be coming to Lockn every year. It's where we fell in love and was coincidentally our first music festival in general, hell! I'll most likely be asking her to marry me there one year when the time is right. As far as this year is concerned, I'm honestly excited for the entire line up. I love phish every time I see them, we just caught the two shows at Wrigley and had an amazing time. I haven't had a chance to catch Ween since they've been back together so they've got a really high ranking on my excitement meter. I'm also predicting Vulfpeck and Charles Bradley will put on some of the best unexpected performances of the weekend!~Dennis & Erika
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Lockn' love stories are the best love stories <3

this just proves that Virginia is in fact for lovers =)


Thanks for sharing the love Lockn! Can't wait to come back!!!

Also, Erika took that cheese picture up above!

@letsgetphishy, that is one CHEESY love story!! Love it :)

@wsacks No doubting that! haha
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Love this story!!!