Widespread Panic
Altria Theater - Richmond, VA
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The newly renovated Altria Theater in Richmond, Virginia has been a staple in Richmond history since 1918. Formally known as The Mosque, this venue has seen big names from James Brown to Elvis. April 20, 2015, Widespread Panic took the stage and filled the theater with a smoky haze. The Stoner holiday was represented in full force in Richmond Virginia with plumes of contraband and chronic energy. Opening up with a promising “Let's Get This Show on the Road,” the band seemed eager to step up with classics like, “Ain't Life Grand,” and “Blue Indian.” With new drummer Dwayne trucks leading a blood pumping “Rock,” a prominent JJ Cale cover; Panic took on a new energy that transferred itself into the second set which busted out a glorious “Imitation Leather Shoes,” and a show-stopping “Impossible.”
For the holiday celebration the band played “And it stoned me” by Van Morrison. Marijuana leaf symbols could be seen flashing in the lights. The show highlighted some amazing improvisational jams while still holding firm to the feel good vibe of the night. A strong and rapid “Fishwater” ended the encore.
Richmond Native Dave Schools, bass player for Widespread Panic comments that night over the microphone, “What a beautiful theater. We are proud to play here, I’ve seen so many good bands right here on this very stage and it feels amazing to be up here now, thank you Richmond.” The crowd cheers and screams for the bass player sometimes known as Bass Mountain. The Altria Theatre is by far the most beautiful venue in Virginia, and the renovations have restored this theatre to immaculate conditions. We all look forward to Widespread Panics return to Richmond Virginia, especially on a holiday.
Set 1: Let’s Get The Show On The Road, Space Wrangler, Walkin’ (For Your Love), Old Neighborhood >One Arm Steve, And It Stoned Me, Rock >Angels On High, Ain’t Life Grand
Set 2: Hope In A Hopeless World, Rebirtha >Ride Me High >Blue Indian, Impossible >Cease Fire >Drums >Intro jam >Jack >Good People >Worry > Imitation Leather Shoes
Encore: Don’t Be Denied, Fishwater