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Manning the Gates - Lockn 2013

We had just arrived in the 4dr Sedan, named Shelby, when I realized that many of the people in cars near ours were unsure whether the line of cars they were in was moving. After everyone agreed the lines were definitely opened, I decided to go take a look up front. It was a bottleneck. The problem was the funneling of the cars wasn't organized to where each column of cars was getting a turn to go on through the gate. I decided to enlist a few strangers within big groups with the promise it would be a good start to the new festivals weekend and help their friends get in faster. With a few quick chats with each lines lead car we had a system down that consisted of pointing fingers and the occasional hollering to slow down. It was awesome to see the driver's faces after their first move forward. It may have only been a car length but, it was as if you just lit up a christmas tree. lol. My group pulled through and I gave them the go ahead and told them I'd call once we got the crowd through. The majority of people that were helping stayed and I got to run into them and a few other lockn' family that recognized me from directing traffic. Always fun to be the stress reliever and it was a great start to a great weekend. Lockn 2013
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i remember that! thanks for helping out.