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I've been a friend of one the band mates for many years. I've slowly grown to love each band mate over the past few years. When I have a bad day and need a little light shines on me I listen and or run to Dharma. I would never be able to pick a favorite song.. Because depending on my mood, time of day and or what's going on they're all my favorite songs! The world NEEDS more Dharma. We cry out for these soulful and heart felt melodies! I'm a fan and took this picture before the band killed it at Rockn 2Lockn on 18 June 2016! I love this band and my friends to the moon and back as will everyone at LOCKN! ❤️I pray I am blessed with the opportunity to see them play on Sunday...because it's happening..music saves lives and the world needs D.I.!
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We love them too! Happy to have D.I this year.

go team!
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Heck yeah!

they are great!
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