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Who is pumped for Lockn' this year? As a Lockn' Alum 3 years running I am a bit apprehensive and indeed excited about the extreme lineup change but as the saying goes, out with the old in with the new, so lets just see what Pete Shapiro and Ol' Dave got going for us this year. I am expecting some pretty rare and bad-ass sit-ins and surprises. I am about 30 minutes away from this festival and it has always been a blast, but last year was a rough one with a lot of problems and cancellations. I know a lot of people who refuse to come due to the circumstances they were put in last year at this festival. I will still be attending although the price increase is killing me. I will not be camping this year due to the increase in prices but luckily i have the option of driving home! I welcome any comments, questions or discussions regarding LOCKN! Lets DO THIS!!!
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