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Lockn' Love

I have been to Lockn' every year since its inception. It is by far the best festival I have ever been to, and I hope to be there every year, as long as I am able.
This year, I am incredibly happy to see Phish on the lineup. I did tour with both the Grateful Dead and Phish in the early 90's. Those were some of the best days if my life. Lockn' takes me back and takes me forward simultaneously. Bands that got me grooving back in those glorious days, and bands that I am learning now, as they carry the torch.
My favorite Lockn' memory was the very first year. Trey Anastasio Band had come in to fill the spot left by Neil Young. It was a beautiful day and Trey's set was smoking! Then later that evening, Furthur played, and covered Working man's Dead, and Trey joined at the end of the set. It was the perfect marriage I knew it would be. My two favorites playing together. The feeling was outer body surreal. It was one of the best days of music in my life. But that wasn't even the best part yet.
A rumor had been circulating that Phil Lesh might be playing with his kids at the tiny triangle stage, way out in the campsites. I walked as quickly and carefully as I could, and just as I arrived, the Terrapin Family Band came out. Phil Lesh on a tiny stage, with only a couple hundred people around in the audience, in the middle of the woods, with his boys, and Ross James. The magic that came about in the hour that followed was nothing short of pure bliss. A night I will never forget.
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Trey>Furthur>Furthur w/ Trey>Phil & sons>head explosion. This was such a great day.

Hi @Locknfan . We would love to share your story with our social community (with credit), if it is ok with you.

Sure thing.

Looking forward to a stellar 4th visit to Lockn!!!