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Lockn and the Tale of the Jam Band Love

So before I tell you about Lockn, let me tell you a little about myself. I was born to my parents John and Melody on 1993 in Syracuse, New York. More than likely I was conceived at a Grateful Dead show, and I was taken to see Jerry for the first and only time in 1994. Despite this, I never really "got" the Dead. I appreciated some songs, but I guess it never really clicked for me as a whole. Enter the first Lockn and Furthur. There, seeing them live, it finally all clicked for me. The way music lived and breathed, how the different musicians would communicate through the movements of their hands and fingers. The evolving, growing and flowing creature that was the music of the Dead caught my ear and hasn't left since. I've been all over the country since, meeting awesome people, seeing amazing music, discovering new sounds. Lockn has birthed all this for me and I can't thank it enough. Unfortunately, i don't know if I will make it this year due to financial issues. But know my heart is with all of you lovely people if I can make it.
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there was something special about those furthur shows no doubt