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Phil Wings

Can't wait to go to lockn' with my special lady friend and her magical "Phil Wings". The way she got her first GD wings was totally amazing. It was the day of the Further show in Rochester, New York at Highland Bowl in 2011. I went to pick up the last two tickets that were available for sale at Aaron's Alley on Monroe Ave, which is the coolest little clothing/head shop in Rochester. The store was owned by a local music guru, Aaron, who passed away last year suddenly, may he dance in peace with the angels on the head of every pin.
After I bought the tickets, I decided to stay and pick out some GD Wings for my lady, thisese would be her fist wings that,she was ever gifted. Right before I bought the wings, Aaron received a call that Phil Lesh was on his way to the store to get something and that we needed to act "cool" when he arrived. We waited for around 13 minutes and sure enough Phil walked in and went up to the counter and asked for a small glass pipe. When Aaron presented him with a pipe, Phil said, "do you have anything with a little less capacity?" So Aaron found him different smaller pipe and told Phil it was on the house for all the magical moments that he had helped to create for all of us heads. Phil then proceeded to walk out of the store and trying to remain "cool", I simply walked up to him said, "thank you for all the beautiful music and memories" and shook his hand as I held my baby's first wings in my other hand. I didn't need an autograph or anything like that, just having the chance to meet Phil, just because I decided to stay a bit longer and get my love her first wings.
This was the most amazing way to bless the first wings that she ever received, and is a memory that we will cherish and share forever. We can't wait to bring those wings to lockn' and continue to spread the love and magic that they have bestowed on us and our relationship ever since. May the music never stop and the love never fade away!
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now that's a special gift!

Oh baby - We LOVE EACH OTHER>....so special. Best of Luck!

so special!

thats a really great gift!