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Lockn' & Shakin it Sugaree

I would love a chance to go to Lockn 2016. For the last three summers, I have dreamed of being able to share with phamily in the magic of the best festival ever. But what with a young children, very little disposable income, and time to take vacay days...it's been difficult to make it happen(I'm a stay-at -home-Mom, so we have 1 income). For sooo many reasons, I don't want to miss it. First, the lineup with Phish, Umphrey's McGee and Ween will be EPIC. Oh, to listen to that music play and dance the night away. We have seen about 50-60 UM shows, used to get in the van a lot . Next, Nelson County and Crabtree falls are an hour from where I grew up, and became our favorite camping spot. It has a special place in our heart as our home away in the hills. So, please let us spend a lil time on the mountain with our beloved Umph and Phish. It would mean more than words can tell to listen to the Tye River sing sweet songs to rock my soul. Pretty please with sugar magnolia on top!?! I would be INFINITELY grateful to experience the music that never ends. Ain't that what it's all about. I'm begging to feel that healing vibe, and will keep trying until it manifests. That 1 love. I need a miracle. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I'd be forever grateful.
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you're lucky to have such a great fest so close. good luck!


Did I mention I would be soooo grateful for the opportunity to go to Lockn?!?

Isn't today the day? Hope I win my miracle!