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My Take on the Beck Grammy "controversy"

I've always been a fan of Beck. He's like the slacker Prince in my eyes. Plays all his own instruments, tries a lot of different things, sometimes nails it, attached to a kooky religion but talented enough that we let it slide and always able surprise and stay relevant. Respect. Artist. Period. That said, he did become famous as a skinny white kid singing about "two turn tables and a microphone", so if there's lingering resentment in the hip hop world, I can see it.
His current album on a few listens is pretty great, but I've yet to turn off Beyonce singing about a surfboard this year for many reasons. I'd love to see all this "controversy" leveraged into a concept album "The Legend of Beyonceck". John Legend, Beyonce, and Beck writing all the music, playing their instruments, recorded in peoples living rooms. Produced by Kanye.