Picture?width=180&height=180 Irie1 would love to go and share with my family

would love to go and share with my family

I have been seeing live music since the late 70s and like many, last summer in chicago with the grateful dead brought my spirit back in so many ways...the lust for live music being one of the most major! My son who recently turned 17 caught the bug and I've been taking him to local shows for most of the year and he is on the bus with so many great bands. I would love to take him, my wife who has been a music partner for years, and my daughter (19) who revels in the festival atmosphere and always has since being a baby at local folk and bluegrass festivals or the gathering of the vibes. We are a fun, kind, repectful and joyful family and would love the opportunity to go to the festival which we just can't swing right now. Thanks for offering this opportunity to the community and hope to see you there. Peace!
this is me with my children at Dead and Co in Worcester this past fall...The family that dances together...stays together!~
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Happy looking family right there!

Beautiful family. Where was this shot taken?

You're a cool dad