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The Difference Between a Remix, Bootleg, and Edit

Living in the digital age where everyone has access to software to alter many of our favorite songs, there are tons of remixed, bootlegged, edited, and mashed-up versions of hits. But what is the difference between a bootleg and a remix, and why should I care?
From experience, if you post a song with the wrong remix tag you will receive a backlash from the community. So learn from my mistake and appear more remix savvy by letting me break these down for you.
Bootleg: an unauthorized remix of a song that is officially published by the original artist. You don’t have access to the vocals, melody, or any individual parts of song, rather just a new layer of sound is added or cut out. This also means you cannot sell it for money due to copyright.
Example: A remixed Calvin Harris song without Calvin Harris's permission, then this remix would have to be called a bootleg. One cannot profit from it.
Remix: the legal version of a bootleg.
A song can only be officially remixed if you seek permission from the original artist or copyright owner. Then a profit can be earned off the song.
Edit: this is basically editing parts of a song. Examples would be radio or commercial edits in order to fit a song into a time frame or cut out explicit lyrics.
Sometimes edits are also called mixes, the terms are used interchangeably.
Mash-up: by its very definition a mash-up is a “mixture or fusion of separate elements.” Musically, this occurs when two or more songs are fused into one. A producer might take the vocals or build up from one song and splice in a drop or hook from another. Mash-ups usually fall in the category of breaking copyright law like a bootleg so it would have to be given away for free.
Check out my favorite mash-up right now:
Kaskade vs. Martin Garrix - Turn It Down Animals (Kaskade's Paradiso Mash Up)
Article by Jeff Johnstone
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