Tony Levin, Kaki King
House of Blues - Cambridge, MA
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The Tony Levin Band was a lot of fun, but a show not listed was even better. Bruford's Levin Upper Extremities (BLUE) consisted of Tony, Bill Bruford, David Torn and the then unknown Chris Botti. They performed songs from the BLUE disc as well as Torn's Clouds About Mercury which is monumental as well.
Side note, I also caught Canned Heat with Henry Vestine's last visit to the Boston area (1989?) in a rare edition that also featured James Thornbury & Junior Watson on guitar, Mark "Pocket" Goldberg on bass, and the leader and torch bearer of the band since Bob Hite's death, Fito de la Parra on drums. Also Hubert Sumlin & Duke and the Drivers are 2 other shows I recall catching there. This was the original HOB that was really in a house.
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