Robert Fripp
The Kitchen - New York, NY
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I had the pleasure of attending this classic Frippertronics performance with Joe Baillie and Mike Shore, a friend of Robert (as well as Bill Bruford's, Peter Gabriel and others in that world). This was a rare treat as several years later, he started using Roland synthesisers instead of the classic dual reel to reel tape decks for the real mechanical time delays, overlays and then overplay. In one piece he had built a sound that to me was just like a string quartet, while in others he had built a sweet texture, at the end of which he unleashed his unique searing lead work that set fire to our ears in a most enjoyable way.
The bonus was going to dinner with Robert, my friends and several others following the show. A sad moment came on the walk to the Italian restaurant when Roy from Polydor Records informed us that another of our guitar heroes, Lowell George had died. I carried Robert's Anvil guitar case part of the way and it was heavy as hell. He's a tough guy to have handled that all of the time.
When waiting for our dinner, Robert directed us in a percussive performance with our cutlery where we were each playing in totally different time signatures.
I was lucky to catch a couple more of the Frippertronics shows in Boston before the Roland era took over.
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