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Met Warren with my BFF!!

My home girl Lacy and I were hanging beside the stage watching Chris Robinson Brother Hood when Warren came walking up. He walked behind us and then circiled around toward the stage. I told Lacy that this was our chance! We jumped a ditch and landed in front of him on his path. We no doubt shocked him with our abrupt landing! I smiled and he blushed and I nuzzled the side of my face into his chest. He kinda got a lil shy and smiled and looked at his feet for a second all bashful and cool. Then he looked up at Lacy and reached his arms out to her for a hug and said, "you want some too?!!" She then got to run up and embrace his big bear hug! The guy next to us took a picture of his silhouette as he walked off which as equally dreamy as our encounter! Best experience of my life!! Oh yeah, and there were infinite rainbows that weekend! Even on the drive there! So magical!! ✨💜🌀
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"you want some too" haha

Hi @SlambreGhini . We would love to share your story with our social community (with credit), if it is ok with you.

Sure thing!!