Picture?width=180&height=180 Grahamcracker Lockn the first year.

Lockn the first year.

I have been to lockn twice and was lucky to be there the first two years. The festival the first year was the best. After sitting in line, for god knows how long, we finally got to our camping area. Our area was the titts, it had a great view of the mountains. Anyways we were worried about missing the first act so we threw our stuff together, tents, chairs, and easy ups and then cooked it to the festival grounds. Once inside we realized we made it just in time and got to see the whole Keller and the keels show. They covered some awesome tunes and I knew right away I was in for a great... Great weekend. The highlights for me were late night Phil Lesh, two nights of furthur and one of the nights Trey from phish came and played like six songs with furthur. Foreshadowing for the 50 year dead shows in Chicago, I think yes!! The Zach brown incident was awesome, I wasn't sure what to expect but it was amazing. I love this festival and I would love to come for a third time. Please help me see ween into phish. And please help me see this new rotating stage, it sounds dope. Thank you so much and love the festival!
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that first year was super special for sure. so many good times