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Keep on the sunny side

Last year, while packing up to head to Oak Ridge, we got word that Thursday was canceled. Only coming from Roanoke we decided we wanted to at least have a shot at being near the front of the line-up Friday morning. So we put out the word on Facebook looking for some property near Oak Ridge to pop a few tents up on. After several gracious and generous replys allowing total strangers to camp on their land, we opted for the Devil's Backbone Brewery, who had opened their land to Lockn campers. We partied a little there and mostly spent the night cold and wet in our backup tents, as our other gear was too packed up to break out. Come 3am, we decided to head to the line-up. Miraculously, we ended up 15th car back from the entrance...only to be met with a 6+ hour wait. Exhausted and slightly angry from the wait, we made it to our site and the past 24 hours completely washed away. We assembled our crew and headed for the stage. What followed was as close as I can ever recall to a perfect night of music as possible. Despite losing the previous day of music, the rain, the mud, the wait, the Lockn team had once again scrambled and put together an insanely good night of music putting any trouble we had to bed. The tears of joy shed in that field from everyone during the Tedeschi Trucks' Joe Cocker set nearly flooded Oak Ridge again. Night two with Robert Plant's set and Bobby sitting in on Billy K's set really solidified Lockn 2015 as the best festival I've ever been too (which is several, including Lockn 2013 and 14). To make this long story short, even the worst conditions can provide for the best of times. We look forward to and always make sure to make to Lockn, every year. See you in a month!
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Even the worst conditions can provide for the best of times is so true. Bobby sitting in on Billy K's set is one of my favorite Lockn' sets ever for sure. Good times!