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My first Lockn'

Last year was my first Lockn' experience and definitely a unique one for sure! Since I am from Buffalo and the whole first day was canceled last year it kind of messed up our plans to meet up with our friends from Virginia. So my friend Jake frantically found us some people who were generous enough to let us stay on their land with about 30 other Lockn hopefuls while they got the venue ready. All of us were planning on setting up camp and making food but since we weren't in the venue we decided to order 20 large pizzas and have one giant pizza party! The next day when we were leaving we all decided to camp next to eachother and be neighbors! We called our campsite the 2015 Lockn pizza party! That set the tone for the weekend making it one of the best festivals I personally have ever been to. I loved the Phil and friends set and hope to see who Phils friends are this year! He blew me away last year. It was also my first time seeing String Cheese Incident as well. I have to admit they became one of my favorite groups to see live after that weekend. I have high hopes that Lockn 2016 could be the greatest festival I will ever attend.
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pizza party! love it

Hi @Daddy49 . We would love to share your story with our social community (with credit), if that is ok with you.

Yes I would be honored! @LOCKNFest