Van Morrison
Harvard Square - Cambridge, MA
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We caught the 4:00 PM matinee and stood outside in the cold for a couple of hours waiting to get in. It was the tour supporting "It's Too Late to Stop Now". As we waited some people were saying to open the doors and after a while a little kid was saying "Open the doors!". After a while of him repeating it with a bit of warmth & a bit of occasional laughter, just before we got in, said kid came out with "Open the damn doors!" and the crowd erupted in laughter. Van was somewhat subdued and the Caledonia Orchestra was fine, but I sensed that I had missed the truly exciting period that predated that overdue live release. When Van took out his Mississippi saxophone or licking stick, he had great difficulty in getting it engaged. I have an MP3 of the show and it was definitely that show as Van blew "clams" all over the place. I'm still glad that I caught the show at the now shuttered venue. An old boss, a few years senior to me had Van play at his high school in the late 60s. That I wished to have experienced.
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pretty awesome regardless. did you catch him live any other times?

No I didn't. Friends got tickets for his next show at The Music Hall, a much larger venue in Boston. I passed on going as I had a premonition that Van would not be comfortable as he was very quiet & reserved in the much smaller venue. Sure as shooting, I was right and my friends said that the show was horrible. I really love Van's music, but the first 4 superb albums was a smattering of brilliance. He's always had stage fright, so any show is a crap shoot.