Barcelona Nights - Houston, TX
Picture?width=180&height=180 dionyzus Kansas at Barcelona Nights
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This was my second Kansas show, but much more memorable than the first. Not that the first (in downtown Dallas in 1991) wasn't good, but I could barely see the stage from the back of a huge audience. By comparison, this show was tiny. There were maybe 50 people in a small club in Houston to see them.

To give a little background, Kansas was on hiatus for a few years before "reuniting" in 1991, and at first it got good hype and huge crowds. But the novelty quickly wore off, and this show a year later was the beginning of their tours of small clubs through the rest of the 90s. (They gradually increased their audience again and have played bigger places, state fairs and casinos since then.) But anyway to a young fan like me, I was in heaven, getting an almost private performance! I even shook the violinist's hand at the end!

I just found this flyer in my attic almost 25 years later. How time flies! Oh and I know the bass player dude in the opening act. I actually played in a band with him for a while. I'm a drummer.

50 people! that's wild

Those gigs are the best.....