Grateful Dead
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The summer of '96. My first show of the Dead and at Highgate festival. It can't get much better then that. It would be one of the last time the whole band plays together seeing as it was just a month before Jerry died. A 3 dayfestival at that. Over 200,000 people. When the dead took the stage mass chaos broke out. From out of no where over a extra 100,000 people rushed the gate and broke it down. It was for sure a long strange trip but the best...
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70 ny city

High gate happened in 1994 and 1995.
Jerry Garcia died in August of 1995.
There were no Grateful Dead concerts after he died... And, no, the "final" concerts in 2015 were NOT Grateful Dead concerts...

I meant 1995. And I said it would be the last time they would ALL play together since he died in August the same year. I didn't mentions anything about 2015?!! Or any other Dead concerts w/o Jerry... So idk where the "final" shows is coming from?!

So maybe u should re-read it correctly....✌❤&GD