The Kinks, Grand Funk Railroad, and 1 more
The Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY
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Excerpt from 'The Kinks: All Day And All of the Night' by Doug Hinman

"This 1,900-capacity movie house just outside New York City was opened in reaction to Bill Graham's successful Fillmore East venture in the East Village in Manhattan. "Special guest stars" The Kinks fit oddly against the decibel-charged headliners who attract a quite different kind of fan. John Swenson elaborates in Zygote: "When The Kinks came on the split in the crowd grew apparent. About half the people stood up and cheered while the other half ho-hummed about it. But The Kinks were too much. Shuffling out in straw hats and stripped T-shirts, Lovin' Spoonful-style, Ray Davies pointed his skinny little finger at the audience as the group launched into 'The Last of the Steam Powered Trains.' The Kinks have been together for a long time and it shows...[they] don't try to make an impression with loudness, they try to leave you with some music playing in your head...[But] they seemed to have gotten louder and stronger than before. At the first three shows The Kinks had trouble with Grand Funk's part of the audience, but their last set had everybody moving.""
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