The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Sports Authority Field at Mile High - Denver, CO
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Today in History: Noel Redding Leaves The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Forty-seven years ago today, bassist Noel Redding quit the Jimi Hendrix Experience after their show at the Denver Pop Festival, making it the final Experience concert.
Halfway through the band’s set at the festival, Hendrix announced to the audience that it would be "the last gig we’ll ever play together.”
During his lifetime Jimi Hendrix played with many different bands and had many collaborations with other artists (including the storied, but never realized, Miles Davis crossover project), but his time as part of the Jimi Hendrix Experience is by far the most revered period of his short career. After Noel Redding left the band, Hendrix went back to collaborating with different bands and artists, including the final iteration of his group, known formally as the Band of Gypsies.
Listen to The Jimi Hendrix's performance of "Red House" from June 29,1969 at the Denver Pop Festival below:
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