Grateful Dead
Memorial Hall - Kansas City, KS
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First Dead Show

Reserved seats in 5th or 6th row of small theater in Kansas City, Kansas. Perfect amount of magic mushrooms and fine Columbian. Cathartic, ethereal, life-altering! Tennessee Jed, Promised Land, Reelin' and Rockin', every song building and peaking, flowing: Bob's voice strong and confident; Jerry's mind-blowing lead and Bob's unique, underappreciated style and talent on rhythm guitar; rhythm section-- Phil, Mickey and Bill all technical and creative virtuosos; Jerry's "bummer" songs defining human condition like no one else has ever done; Keith and Donna fitting like they'd been there forever--Keith pounding and riffing keyboards, and Donna, hair down past her ass, danced and sang like an Angel. Shared experience with cool friends from Topeka I met at KU, Lawrence, freshman year, 1976. Honestly, that show, my first Dead show, changed my life and influenced me to look inward and at our human condition and set a new standard of excellence and joy as an existential human consciousness and appreciation of subjective perception of reality and facing down our inevitable dirt naps and thinking, "That's OK," appreciating and understanding Voltaire's Candide, THIS IS THE BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS!!!!!!
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Rick Troop

ah yes. He's Gone from this show is a must listen: https://archive.org/details/gd77-10-28.sbd.munder.8520.sbeok.shnf