Love and Rockets, Jane’s Addiction
Student Union Ballroom - San Jose, CA
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Memories behind a ticket stub

So I was doing the proverbial cleaning out of a 20+ year old box in my parents garage a few months back and this literally fell to the ground.
It immediately brought back a flood of memories and thoughts.
First and obvious. I saw Love and Rockets and very early Jane's Addiction in an intimate space for 11.75 (including ticket fee). So, since we're in the age of commerce, there's that.
2nd, seeing the date, I'm pretty sure I missed my baby sisters birthday. that night. Sorry @AliCaldwell
But then I started thinking on the show, exploring the timeline for some context.
I see that Earth, Sun, Moon had dropped a few months earlier, so this must have been the support tour for that. Time is stretched out when you're younger. I would have bet money that I was at the Express tour Freshman year of college and that album was years later. Can't believe there were only about a year each between 7th Dream, Express, and Earth. Throw in Tones a year before that first one and....WOW.
I'm sure I was quite psyched to see them. L&R were pretty much one of my top 5 at the time. They're still on rotation! Speaking of college, I now recall being in the dorm that first year and the music battles with my roommate at the time. Experiments in early cohabitation strategies led to a rule where we alternated playing dj at night with permission to choose the "go to sleep to" album. He'd drive me mad with very milk toast slow mood jazz shit that gave me insomnia. So I'd return in kind and play "7th dream" and freak him out with "The Game" as I drifted to sleep and strange dreams. No accounting for taste!
I can't recall huge specifics from the show. I'd later become a pretty big Jane's fan but at the time could care less about the opening act. I actually couldn't find a link in the interwebs to a setlist for that night. Which, you know, is fine. Any song on those first 3 albums that were played must have been something to hear.
The memory mixtape in the head is better anyway.
I do have an image of the bubblemen coming on stage and communing with me. But I saw L&R quite a few times, watched videos, so maybe it's not from this show and perhaps, that's "All In My Mind". Don't be....
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I'm pretty sure I saw JA on the same night, my birthday, in Denver a few years later. Wild.

@AliCaldwell looks like you did!

I saw Jane's Addiction that same year at SDSU Aztec Center with Sydney. He said, "Dave, you have to see this show." I went and said, "I didn't know you liked heavy metal!" I thought they were metal.

They were in '86!