Deep Purple, Caramba
Beacon Theatre - New York, NY
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Ay Carumba!
I went to this concert without a ticket. It was supposed to be sold out but then some tickets went on sale at the theater box office. I bought an orchestra ticket for $53. I was thrilled. I went up to the 3rd row orch. while the opening act, the reincarnation of Thin Lizzy, were playing. When Purple started playing those seats were occupied so I stood near the front of the stage. A bouncer told me to go back to my seat & I did. A couple of songs later I went up to the front of the stage again. This time the bouncer said, "Now you're goin' out!". He grabbed me & dragged me out of the venue. All I got to see of DP was 3 songs. I have never gone back to the Beacon Theater since then & I never will!!!
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wow that is some messed up stuff