Grateful Dead
Pyramid Arena - Memphis, TN
Picture?width=180&height=180 Mrussup Grateful Dead at Pyramid Arena
This was the last tour I got to see before Jerry passed. Memphis was just one of many!! I miss that!
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good times

Ah the memories... The last Spring Tour... I do have one bad memory though... I remember walking down an alley and seeing the ground littered with layers of balloons from somebody's n20 tank... I remember getting into a squabble with the sides after they told us to fuck off when we asked if they were gonna pick all the shit up... They were some rich college kids.. Any hop to make a long story short we went and gathered a few real Heads and have them an ultimatum... Damn did that alley sparkle when they were done... I do feel a bit bad about the altercation but hey they made just about all of the mess... And only one kid got scuffed up a bit when he got in my boy Scooby's face and have him a push... It was the first time I ever seen a 6ft 2in dude get his ass whooped by a skinny little 5ft 3in DeadHead... I think his nickname should've been Scrappy instead (~);}