The Rolling Stones
John F Kennedy Stadium - Philadelphia, PA
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Some Girls tour. Short Stones set and an abbreviated set by Peter Tosh after he and his band endured projectiles being thrown from the audience at them from the front. The highlight of the show was my friend buying a bootleg Stones T-Shirt for $3.00, sleeping in it, dancing, sweating, puking on it and then after the show, some guy offered to buy it off his back for $5.00. He sold on the spot and went home to NY happy & shirtless.
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happy, shirtless and had an extra $2 in his pocket

was there about 20 feet from the stage which wasn't a good place to be when the Stones walked off without an encore and the place went crazy throwing anything that wasn't nailed down at the stage.

We were about 20 rows from the stage, dead center. Before the Stones came on, it got way too over crowded. We decided it wasn't worth the massive discomfort and proceeded to make our way straight back and up into the stadium. That's where the second photo was taken from. The old Vets Stadium and old Spectrum are in the background. Seeing the Stones in 1975 at the Garden was great. After JFK in 1978, I swore off them until the 1997 tour, even skipped the 1981 show in Buffalo when I was right there, preferring to drive thru the night for the next GD show at the Cap in Landover.