The Residents
City Gardens - Trenton, NJ
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Here's an excerpt from "No Slam Dancing"

RK O'Brien: Every photo of The Residents showed them wearing eyeball masks to hide their identities. They got one of their eyeball heads stolen at the beginning of the tour, so they started using a giant skull head as a replacement. Onstage it was three eyeballs and a skull. You could tell from the silhouettes of the costumes that two of the Residents were female, which surprised a lot of people.
Scott Lowe (City Gardens regular): One of the cool things about the club was that everyone was accessible. I met so many of my heroes. Mickey [Ween] and I are sitting at the bar chatting with these guys for a half an hour, and then we looked to the backstage area and we see the guys we were just talking to getting into their Residents costumes.
Craig Surgent (Autistic Behavior bassist): I was able to touch one of the eyeballs! I was able to shake Snakefinger’s hand. That was a big thrill for me.
Randy Now: That was the 13th Anniversary show, and Snakefinger was part of the band. That was a big coup for me as a promoter. I had to work every connection to get them. But I can tell you that there are really only two Residents. The two other people in the band are just sidemen. I insisted on this show being all ages instead of 21 and over, and in retrospect, I should have done 21 and over, because the crowd was 31 and over. Meanwhile, I’m thinking 18-year-olds want to come to this. So we had no alcohol, and everyone was pissed off.
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