Eric Clapton
Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
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It took a while to find this show. If I had known I would be writing about all the concerts I attended 30 years ago, I would have written down the dates lol

I've been having a great time entering in all my old concerts on this site. I kept concert books as I called them for many years. They are photo albums with ticket stubs and clippings, but several of them got damaged in a flood we had. I was very bummed about it. I used to love flipping thru them every now and again. Now I have a place where I can take photos from even of damaged books and post them here. This was an amazing show. Seeing the three great Yardbirds guitarists in one show. I had the highest expectations of Jimmy Page. In the end - Jeff Beck won the night. He is really the most skilled player of them all.