Death Cab for Cutie
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Calling out all the lucky peeps who snatched up Governors Ball tickets for this weekend! If you’re still wondering who to go see this weekend, don’t worry we got your back. From big acts, to smaller ones here’s a very concise list of ten bands/artists you shouldn’t miss this weekend.
10. The Strokes
If you weren’t fortunate enough to see The Strokes at the Capitol Theatre this past weekend— which we imagine was an amazing show—don’t skip this one and catch them Friday, June 3rd at the GOVBALLNYC stage at 9:15pm.
9. Christine and The Queens
If strong performances with beautiful art and videos suit your fancy, French singer-songwriter Christine and The Queens should be on the top of your list.
Watch her perform on Friday, June 3rd at 3:00pm on the GOVBALLNYC stage.
8. The London Souls
If you missed The London Souls at Brooklyn Bowl this past year, this is your time to finally see the duo in action. The NYC two-man band is a clash between classic rock, funk, and future soul.
Watch the duo on Friday, June 2nd at 12:15pm on the GOVBALLNYC stage.
7. Catfish and the Bottlemen
British indie rock band, Catfish and The Bottlemen dropped their second album, “The Ride”, just a few days ago, which will make for a fresh set of tunes from the English quartet.
Catch them on Saturday, June 4th at 3:00pm on GOVBALLNYC stage.
Brooklyn based singer-songwriter, TORRES, otherwise known as Mackenzie Scott creates music that stems from her Southern roots but also sounds futuristic at the same time.
Watch her on June 4th at 1:30pm on Honda Stage.
5. Gary Clark Jr.
Don’t miss Texas blues guitarist and soul singer play some amazing tunes this weekend. Gary Clark Jr.’s smooth vocal style and hard hitting guitar grooves has been compared to legends Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Don’t miss his set on June 5th at 6:50pm on Honda Stage.
4. Courtney Barnett
Australian singer-songwriter, Courtney Barnett, has increasingly made a name for herself since her debut EP was released last year. Known for her deadpan delivery and quirky yet hard hitting sound, she is definitely an act you do not want to miss.
Watch her on June 5th at 5:25pm on the Big Apple stage.
3. Beck
Beck, who may be one the most innovative artists of our time will be gracing the GOVBALLNYC stage at 6:15pm on June 2nd.
2. Bloc Party
Indie rock quartet Bloc Party from across the pond have been touring extensively in the US this year, but this has been a rarity in their career.
Don’t miss their set on June 2nd at 8:00pm on the Big Apple Stage.
1. Death Cab for Cutie
Indie-emo west coast band, Death Cab for Cutie has released countless albums since its formation almost two decades ago and is known as one of the most definitive indie bands of the early 2000’s.
Watch them on June 5th at 9:15pm to close out the 3-day Governors Ball Fest on the Honda Stage.